Kids & Teens Class: The Fun Way To A Better Handicap

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Are you looking to improve your handicap? After in-depth preparation with our pros and a 9-hole practice round on an 18-hole course, you can successfully achieve this goal in the 9-hole handicap tournament.

Requirements: 8 to 15 years, DGV licence or DGV gold badge

Services included: 5 days of golf training in a small group with an Assistant Professional with a C-trainer's licence (min. 3, max. 4 participants) incl. dedicated supervision and lunch.

5 x 360 min. training incl. 1 x 9-hole tournament participation and lunch break, range fee for the Golfodrom ®, green fee for the 9-hole courses as part of the lesson, 1 x green fee for the 18-hole course during tuition, 1 x tournament green fee incl. entry fee, unlimited practice balls during lessons, rental clubs, 5 x lunch with the pro, final tournament incl. prizes, certificate, class photo, complimentary supervision until 4 p.m. can be arranged on request (no golf tuition)

Reduced price for club members: €433 

25 to 29 March 
01 to 05 April | 22 to 26 April
20 to 24 May | 27 bis 31 May
22 to 26 July | 29 July to 02 August
05 to 09 August | 12 to 16 August | 19 to 23 August | 26 to 30 August 2024

Further dates on request!

Kids & Teens Class: The Fun Way To A Better Handicap


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