Play your way to your DGV license

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The stress-free route to your DGV license. In just five days, our golf pros will give you all the training and confidence you need – with all the best tips & tricks and plenty of fun thrown in – to test your new-found skills on any 9 or 18-hole course.

Requirements: Beginner class completion
Services included: 5 days golf training in a small group (min. 3, max. 4 persons) incl. DGV license trial test in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the DGV license (for Swiss guests optionally ASG license), training and playing at the Golfodrom® training centre, the 9-hole course "Engled" will be reserved for the test, practice round on the day before the test, rules training by our pros and a free rules evening.

5 x 180 min. training and playing on a 9-hole course, DGV or ASG golf licence test attempt, green fee for the 9-hole courses during lessons, range fee for the Golfodrom®, unlimited practice balls during tuition, club fitting, college book detailing the “Griesbach Method”, golf glove, rules and etiquette evening, rental clubs.

After completing our golf licence classes, we will give you a 3-month trial membership worth 150 €, which entitles you to play the 9-hole courses and use the training facilities in the Golfodrom ® free of charge.

Reduced price for club members: €474

Our tip: Booking this course up to eight weeks in advance entitles you to a 10% early-bird discount on the course fee in the form of a gift voucher for the golf shop at the Golfodrom®!

Play your way to your DGV license


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